What do we Make?

LARP HelmetGood question. Only your imagination limits what we can make for you. We've produced icicle clubs for Ice Trolls, demonic wings, thrones, flat-pack period buildings, masks for lizardmen, zombies and many other unique items. All you need provide us with is a drawing, photo or even a verbal description of an item you'd like, and we can begin the design process. We'll keep in touch with you during the creation of your prop, to ensure that the finished product satisfies your needs.

Look through the examples presented here to help you get an idea, or to see if we've made something similar to what you've got in mind. And bear in mind, this site doesn't cover everything we've ever made. Just because you can't see something here, doesn't mean we won't make it for you. We are proud of our abilities, and are committed to giving you the best props you can find.